How can we work together?

  Nutritional Medicine focuses on understanding the underlying cause of disease and treating each person as an individual and as a whole.  All aspects of health will be considered such as diet, lifestyle, supplements and medication, stress and social factors, genetics and the environment.     We will work together to develop evidence-based solutions using food, nutritional counselling, nutritional medicine supplements, extemporaneously compounded nutritional formulas and lifestyle recommendations to restore health and improve quality of life.  

Individual face-to-face or Telehealth (online) nutritional medicine consults.

Comprehensive health, dietary and lifestyle analysis to determine how nutrition and lifestyle affect current health and wellbeing.

A nutritional medicine plan tailored specifically for you, consisting of diet, nutritional supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

Specialised skill building, including practical support regarding time management, food preparation and storage, culinary skills, budgeting and shopping.

Education workshops, seminars and guest speaking at events.

Online health programs.


Nutritional Medicine Initial Consult Package - $295

Consists of two appointments and a treatment plan:
  • Pre-appointment preparation which involves analysis of a series of questionnaires that I will send to you prior to the consult to identify your health concerns, goals, diet and medications.
  • A comprehensive interview (approx. 50 mins) in clinic or online (Skype) to gain a detailed and wholistic understanding of what is going on for you and your health at a physical, emotional and biochemical level. This will include undertaking any in clinic testing that may be required. Baseline dietary and lifestyle advice and/or supplement recommendations may be provided to help you get started, however an extensive treatment protocol will be reserved for the 'Treatment Plan Presentation' once thorough research has been carried out.

  • Research time post consultation to formulate a detailed individualised plan consisting of evidence-based solutions specific to your health needs and goals.
  • A 30 minute presentation of a detailed treatment plan which will include:

    • dietary, lifestyle and recipe suggestions;
    • a prescription for nutraceutical supplementation. This may involve a formulation of an individualised nutrient compound that specifically targets your nutritional needs;
    • and recommendations for any functional or pathology testing as required depending on your health needs and goals.

Standard Follow Up Consultation - $120

30-40 minutes

  • Face to face or online consultation to monitor progress, review treatment and goals, assess changes and address any questions and challenges you may have.
  • One on one education regarding food and lifestyle choices to support positive long term health and lifestyle change.
  • Analysis of pathology results.

Extended Follow Up Consultation - $185

approx. 60 minutes

An extended consult is required:
  • If it has been longer than 6 months since your last Nutritional Medicine Consult.
  • For presentation of extensive pathology or testing.
  • If there are a number of significant complex issues that require extended care.
  • For Naturopathic Emotional Release consultations

Acute Consultation - $50

15 minutes
Acute consults are available for existing patients. 
  • Acute consultations are available for existing patients and their families where there is an acute health concern.  This may inlcude symptoms involving earaches, digestive upsets, colds and flus, UTIs or other short term complaints.

  • Acute consultations are also available to discuss test results in between appointments if required.
  • This appointment is perfect if you are unwell and you need some immediate support OR have an acute question regarding your health.

Please note: The above fees do not include the cost of any pathology, functional testing or prescribed supplements that may be recommended in the course of your treatment. These will be charged separately at the appropriate rate.

Private Health Rebates

Private health rebates may be available from the following funds, depending upon the level of your cover, for face-to-face nutritional medicine clinic consults (not available for online consults)